How technology can help with social distancing requirements, a free guide.
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Stuck on your hardware options?

How do you make your working space safe during and after Covid-19?

Firstly, look closely at your working spaces and identify risks that could spread the virus. Identify the surfaces that could be touched by many, like doors, and assess how you make them safe. Your computer keyboard, telephone and meeting spaces are also risks that needs addressed.

The idea of reducing face to face contact at meetings by using video conferencing seems logical as most organisations are already using this in some form or other.

The broadband bandwidth and quality of the connecting equipment is critical to whether you have a good experience or not. As a general rule, you will need at least 3Mbps upstream to have a full HD call and share content, like a PowerPoint presentation or Excel spreadsheet.

The BBC News seem to favour Zoom, albeit with its security issues (Zoom Bombing), which has a free subscription option.

Many others are using Microsoft Teams, which is included with most Office 365 subscriptions already being used making it another free service.

You also have GoToMeet, 8X8 and many others to choose which makes deciding which platform is best for you a bit daunting. 

Did you share cables in meeting rooms or share phones on desks? These are the challenges we are now faced with to keep everyone safe and avoid another lockdown.

Could you infect someone else and how can someone else infect you?

Measures you need to consider, other than PPE and washing your hands, would include using your own kitchenware, your own pens and ensuring your area is cleaned regularly. But what about your digital devices?

Poly have a full range of devices that can help keep you safe at your desk or in a meeting room. Built in wireless connectivity using Miracast or AirPlay is just one measures that eliminate the use of sharing and cleaning cables.

Home workers can now use professional headsets with advanced AI features that will enhance clarity while eliminating unwanted background noise or images.

That is where we can help, so call now on 0141 946 7300 for a chat to discuss and please download the brochure.

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